DIY : Triangular Pearl Necklace

It’s funny how an unfinished piece can stay stuck in your head for over a year and at the first opportunity of you having collected all raw materials makes you as excited about it when it was first conceptualized.

That’s exactly what happened with me with this particular piece. I was so disheartened that I was unable to wear it even though it was nearly complete. Somehow it stuck with me for over a year and that is why I had to finish it one way or another.

So without further a do, here’s how I made my very own Triangular Pearl Necklace!

Things you’ll need :


Process :

For earrings :


For Necklace :


Similarly connect the 5 triangles to one another and also to chains at each ending triangle to make your neck piece.

After designing the pieces, this should be your final result!


I honestly enjoyed wearing this piece as much as I enjoyed making for it. The wait was truly worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is the whole OOTD with details :


Printed Denims : Max Fashion India

Navy Blue Bodysuit : Forever21

Pointed Lilac and white heels : Steppings, Lajput Nagar



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