D.I.Y : Softer hands in one week!

If your hands are anything like mine, rugged, entangled in fewikwick remains and burnt by glue guns, I’ve got your back!

This remedy is extremely old and sadly I discovered it really late.

But the best part is, that it’s better late than never!

To make your very own hand softening solution, keep on reading.

Things you’ll need :

1. A bottle of Rose Water

2.A bottle of glycerine solution

3. An old and clean sealable bottle. (I used my old lens solution bottle).

Process :

Pour approximately equal amounts of Rose Water and glycerine in the sealable bottle and shake the emulsion well.

Directions of use :

Massage a few drops of solution into  the palm and the back of your hands every night before sleeping and observe the magic!

Also, make sure the bottle seals well because any dripping can cause your bedsheets to spoil.

And you’re done!

Try it out and comment down below how well it worked for you!



    • Thank you!
      No no, both the liquids are meant to be applied on the skin of the face. Since the skin of the hands is much denser than that of the face, chances of any allergies/ side effects is highly improbable. 🙂


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