Twenty magical years

1997 is when it all began.

The magic began.

The spells casted made an impact.

Kid’s scurried across the streets   imagining when they would turn eleven and receive their Hogwarts letters.

Hogwarts wasn’t only a school of learning, it was our home that we all had set our hearts in.

A home that feels like a surreal land where even Rod Serling would have visioned his TwilightZone.

A world of not only sight but of mind. Admission that took you to another dream land.

 If you found yourself doing something great in life , you realised you were #magical. You realised you were #special.
And then it hit me, we were #always magical in our own ways.
As we took a journey of a lifetime with Harry, we become friends with Ron and Hermione; definitions of true friendships began to shape in our minds.

We flew with Buckbeak screaming our lungs out and enjoyed it like a roller coaster ride.
I cried like a baby when Bellatrix hit Serious with the killing curse a he vanished behind the grey Vail. Just as much as Harry.
I was heartbroken imagining The Great Dumbledore, stone faced fall to the ground and evaporate into an old dead man.

I let my childhood die as Hedwig fell to his doom.

Dobby defined for me what a true friend could do for you even if it meant not being able to breath again because saving you is all that mattered to them.

And in the end, I realized no matter how hard life is; there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

You can escape your Dementors if you choose to.

Remember, it’s always between choosing what is right and what is easy.
This life long journey of the boy who lived gave me more life than anything ever has.

Thank you J K. Rowling for blessing us with the stories you webbed in your mind and making sure it came to life on paper.
We will always remember the magic you casted.

Hogwarts is home. We will always be welcomed.

Just turn to page 394.



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