Trudy Flare Pants : Review

A few days ago, I was randomly working on a piece of code with Youtube playing in the background.

Momentarily, I would look at the screen, dance a little to the song playing at get back to work.

It was when I hear Jennifer Hudson, my eyes popped out and I had to watch the video.

Can we like have a moment to honor that spectacular voice?

Ahhhh ^_^

Back to my story, the song was named ‘Trouble’ by Iggy Azalea featuring Jennifer Hudson.

It was when I noticed Iggy wearing to the most incredible pair of high waisted trousers I’m been dying to find for years!

As curvy as she is it’s looked even more flattering on her body.

That was what triggered my fascination to resume my frantic search.

And soon enough, I found it.

But because the trousers were online, I could only take a chance at hoping to get a similar fit unlike at a store where I’d be absolutely certain.

I think my madness took over and I didn’t feel like it was a risk at all.

After it arrived, my face was probably like a very round pototo, excited yet scared at what would happen.

The anticipation was killing me so I ripped open the packaging and tried it on.

It fit like an absolute glove!

As if it was just made for me.

Literally stitched for me!

I could hear the voice of God.

Okay, may be I exaggerated here, but it did make me feel really really happy and pleased with myself.

Here is an outfit pairing with these pants.


The trousers come with a panel stretching along the length of the legs and a side zipper fastening.

It’s really easy to slip in and out off , the black flatters the body like no other color and the boot cut flare balances out the weight of the legs really well.

So if you’re looking for a pair of black pants, this is one fabulous pair.

You can purchase your very own Trudy Flare Pants right here .



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