Would you like an ointment for that burn?

So I have this really offensive but sharp cousin.

This one time was just wayy too epic to forget.

So, we were around 6 or 7 years of age and what do kids usually do then?

Scream about, run about the house and create a huge mess.

So, my extremely controlling and dominating grandmother catches hold of us and makes us sit far apart from each other.

There goes this famous warning line in India for kids.

“Agar tune aisa kiya, toh musse bura koi bhi nhi hoga” (If you ever do that again, no one is gonna be worse than me)

She threatens little cuz to keep quiet or else.

To which he responds, “Aap se bura hai he kaun?” (Who can be worse than you anyway?)

I remember the look on her face!


My brother and I were like :

Ahh.. beautiful childhood. Good times. *_*


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