Love is love

Exactly at 7:00 A.M. my eyes popped open.

I woke up thinking there was something I had to submit, work related/ exam related.

“I’m forgetting something!”

My anxiety woke me up.

I checked the time to realize that it’s a Sunday and I don’t have an exam.

Mom was asleep and that made for a perfect opportunity to surprise her on a fine Sunday morning.

I started to prepare tea for everyone, my mom drinks a different tea, so some extra effort to make hers especially nicer.

When I went into her room to serve her and dad, she was in utter shock.

“Areeeeeee, yeh kya hua?” (“What just happened? “)

I smiled and walked out.

For the rest of the day, I’ll feel great that I did this for her.

Do you notice how small this is?

How tiny a thing this is?

I’ll explain how it’s that insignificant.

Last week I developed a major stomach infection, right before a major exam.

I was howling and crying with a stomach ache and the exam was creating a bigger fear.

At around 4 in the morning I burst into her room after asking myself “Is it alright to bother her this early in the morning?”

She sees me, instantly gets up and calls a family doctor to ask which medicines will cure my symptoms.

As I laid on her bed, still howling, she fetches the medicines in seconds.

After eating the medicines, my pain wasn’t lessened one bit. I was still in severe pain.

She laid down next to me and for the next hour she was running her hand on my belly trying to help me.

I royally screwed up her morning.

So let’s face it, although love is something that cannot be measured, I can write it in writing that I don’t nearly love my mother as much as she does. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

And I’m certain, no matter how much we fight (because we do all the time) she would NEVER abandon me, no matter how horrible things become.

Just because she loves me more, doesn’t mean I’ll easily walk out on her either.

I understand that staying together in any relationship is a two way effort and a want.

I want my mother around, even though we disagree on so many things and she is always irritated with the things I do.

Alot of the times, it’s not only love that keeps people together, it’s about wanting to fight even when things are terrible and you feel you can still keep it together because it’s worth all the flights and disagreements.

Love keeps people together no matter how much ” more”or how much “less” it is as long as the want is alive.

Love is love.



  1. family come by your side no when there is a turbulence. and she is a mother she would never give a second thought on rescuing you anytime.
    you are o true that love and wanting for figt for each other keeps the relationship tight and connected .
    im sure you are feeling better now .


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