What’s your excuse?

I woke up at 7:20 this morning.

Rubbing my eyes, hopefully resembling a cute Panda, I had woken up smiling to a beautiful thought I has last night.

I somehow kept sitting on my bed, smiling.

It took me an entire 5 minutes to get up, grab my clothes and go to rush for a bath.

I’ve been whiling away substantial time doing almost nothing lately.

Exams had me consumed the latter half of July and you know what’s been rusting up?

My blog.

Also, my love.

First love.

I’ve been neglecting it and also, my guilt for having put in no time into it.

“You’re such a promise breaker! Hadn’t you promised yourself to put in your best into something that you love, why has your hectic schedule become an excuse not to?”

Because it certainly has.

Life is screwing with my time.

I barely have time to sleep!

Fine, all successful people sleep 4–5 hours, but how the hell am I supposed to be successful if I lie here like a fat ass and not get to one of my pending projects?

Life is throwing crap at me and I’m giving in.

Hasn’t the universe been conspiring against me?

I mean I travel 4 hours a day, work for 9, sleep for 5, possibly 2 dazing away into situations with Batman, eating three meals in around another 2 and the rest 2, yawning.

I’m not getting time!

But you know what?

I’ll fight the odds.

I’m determined to get back into making love to my passion.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been neglecting you all this while. I really do love you.”

So do I care what the universe is throwing at me?

It’s only making me say “I don’t have time!”

Well bohoo! Good luck being successful then!

The entire world can be conspiring against me, I’m no longer gonna make excuses.

I’m no longer going to say I’m busy.

I’m no longer gonna neglect Kalakaari.

You wanna be against me? Try me and try me hard!

You’re not winning!


All we need is the will power.

I’m not Shah Rukh Khan that a fancy dialogue will get a thousand claps from this Quora audience.

Let me be real.

All you need is you.

To do anything.

You need to be the reason.

You need to be the cause.

You need to be the challenge.

Not the Universe.

We don’t need to win the universe.

We need to win ourselves.

You want her desperately even though her parents don’t, go get her.

You want to paint desperately, go grab some paint and do it, I don’t care how busy you are or that your baby is crying, just fight!

You wanna start a Youtube channel, start with you phone, how bad could it turn out?

You wanna desperately lose weight, go run!

Go do it!

What’s the worst that could happen?

You’ll fail?

Get the hell up, wipe your butt and say “I’ll fight!”.

Because no one will wait for you so you can be great.

No one will strategize for you to be great.

Only you’re preventing yourself from being great.

Don’t depend on the universe, it’s an excuse.



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