What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“Why is he rejecting me? I don’t understand, first he tried everything to be with me and now that I’m ready, he tells me he’s not over his ex girlfriend!”

I was complaining. I felt like a thrown out toy, that had become boring to its possessor.

“If he thinks he can play with you, he does not deserve you. Stay away from him.”

“ But it would have been perfect if we got together!”, I said looking down.

“He can love me the way I always wanted to be loved and maybe rescue me from this ‘single’ prison”

His eyes bulged out ,“Wait, so is that why you want to be with him? So he can save you because you can’t save yourself?”

“I guess.”

You fool, you utter fool!”

If you’re not complete on your own and don’t love yourself, how the hell can someone else love you back!?

“You want someone because you don’t wanna be alone?”

I kept looking down as tears began dripping down my cheeks. He was making sense.

Am I really Cinderella? Waiting for a fairy Godmother to give me a ball gown and a chariot and take me to the ball where I dance with my knight in shining armor? Because I need someone to come save me from my terrible misfortune?


I don’t wanna be like Cinderella, waiting in a dark and cold duster cellar, waiting or somebody to come and set me free!

I’m not a princess!

I’m not weak!

I don’t need anyone to save me.

I can save myself.

I don’t need a glass slipper to change my destiny.

I only need ME to change my destiny.

Since then, there has been no looking back.

I absolutely love being happy and content with who I am. As long as I love myself, I won’t ever feel rejected or abandoned begging for people not to walk away.

I have my dignity. My honor. My respect. Intact.

And that, was the best advice I ever got.

Love yourself before you look for someone to love you.

If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else?

Two people ought to feel complete, content and happy within themselves and share their completeness, together.

Imagine how much the levels of happiness can multiply when two people are complete on their own.

That’s how love, dating and relationships should should be.

Not to seek the better half but to become the better half and share the complete you with another complete individual.

PS : Isliye, main apni favourite hoon. 😛



  1. Vehement….. absolutely vehement !
    We need to love our-self first even to understand how actually is ….this reminded me of Alesso’s song ‘All this Love’, which noted -“Mama said trust yourself long before you trust a stranger”

    Potent writing my friend…keep it going 🙂

    p.s Isliye, tum meri bhi favourite ho 😛


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