What is commitment in a relationship?

My alarm rang at 7:05 A.M. this morning.

I woke up a bit better then last night as I had slept in a terrible mood.

I was supposed to take a cab to work which is an excruciating distance of 2 hours away by metro.

The second I woke up, my dad came in and told me that it was next to impossible for me to get a cab at the Monday morning working hour. It’s all in the newspapers.

I was super heartbroken, “Firse jaana padega khud :(”. (I’ll have to go on my own.)

I rushed to get ready and left as soon as I could.

My mom had stuffed in my bag, a little box.

Obviously, I had not eaten anything, so I thought it was food. Regular food.

As I opened it, I saw the most amazing breakfast laying their perfectly wrapped in a silver foil. Something she knows I love to eat.

I was beaming.

I totally forgot the travel, my mood, everything!

Before even touching it, I called mom.

Mom : “ Haan? ” (Yeah?)

Me : “ Itne ache breakfast ke liye thank you ^_^ ” (Thank you for such a lovely breakfast.)

Mom : “ Arree..aisa kya hua ” (It’s no big deal)

I could feel her smile through the call.

That, is commitment.

A mother’s commitment.

She wants her child to be happy.

She can’t change where I work or how I travel but all she can do is, try to make me smile with little things.

And without this commitment of doing all you can for your child, your spouse, your boyfriend or your girlfriend no relationship will even live to see a future.

It’s not some invisible bond.

It’s always visible.


You choose to show commitment in the simplest of ways.

It’s about effort, sacrifice, strength to fight the odds, together.

A relationship has no meaning if there exists no commitment.

A relationship is a commitment.



  1. I had told u ..I love the profoundness u bring with ur writing….this is fantastic, has honesty and conviction…Nicely put hottie 🙂

    Apart from this …one thing cringes me all the while – ‘What was in the lunch box?’ 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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