Where does one generally find happiness?


I remember,in 9th grade,I was the very ‘padhaku’,chashme waali serious bachi. (Studious and nerdy).

So obsessed over grades and what teachers had to say about me.

Even if a teacher said something like “Your test paper wasn’t up to mark”,my mom would find me sulking in the corner of my room and my entire day would be ruined.

And so my parents decided to make me join,Art of Living’s ‘Yes’ coarse. So that I could learn some tips and tricks to not get so paranoid and lengthen my ‘happiness’ periods.

You read that correct.Usually,one tries to find happiness ‘outside‘.Failing to realize that happiness is only going to come from inside of you.You chose to be happy.And no one can take it away from you or even create it for you.

Someone would go to a lavishly laid meal to seek happiness.

Someone looks for love to fulfill their happiness.

Someone looks to an escape with a book in their hands as a source of happiness.

And someone like me,who is always hell bent to be happy at any cost.

You need to find a reason to be happy.And the reason is all you.



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