DIY : Embossed Vintage Book Cover

Hi loves!

I know,I know.It’s been super long since I last made a post. I’ve been very active on Quora lately and often Kalakaari gets ignored.But I’m sure to stay consistent now,as I have ten projects lined up for you guys!

So let’s get started!

Vintage work is always beautiful in my eyes.I find it absolutely stunning.And that’s what makes me replicate most things I make,out of admiration for them.

So I tried out this technique,and it has worked out to my satisfaction.I plan on designing more of these,with better themes next time.

Things you’ll need :

1.A hard bound notebook or book.I took this really old original novel of Sherlock Holmes.



This book was bought from the street market of Dariya Ganj,extensively set up every Sunday with various kind of books,paper and stationary.My brother literally went nuts “Oh my god!This is the original,this is the original!!”And obviously he had to have it.But the book was super worn out.Torn and yellow.So we got it hard bound and that made it perfect for this project.

2.A plastic mat or plastic strips.Very easily available anywhere at home decor shops.IMG_20160511_235104149

3.Self adhesive beads.Any color and a size of half a centimeter in diameter.

4.Mod Podge or Fevicol.

5.A pair of sharp scissors.

6.White and black acrylic paint.

7.Paint brush.

8.Wrapping Foil.

9.Ear buds and cotton swabs.

Let’s do this!

1.Begin with preparing the cover with the embellishments. Cut out a suitable size and design from the plastic mat.Shape it to fit with your book.


2.After the design elements have been cut,place your beads(if you want) into letters suitable to your book.In this case,I placed beads to spell ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with the ‘o’ looking like a key.IMG_20160512_243643532

3.After the placement is done,coat a fine layer of fevicol to set the design.This is an extremely crucial step to the final design as it will prevent the beads from moving about.IMG_20160512_012823829IMG_20160512_013109354


4.After the fevicol dries,coat a thick layer of white acrylic paint and it should look somewhat like this.IMG_20160512_013457025IMG_20160512_200924033IMG_20160512_200942763

5.Allow the paint to dry for about ten minutes.

6.Place your foil beneath the book so as to get an idea of how much foil is sufficient to cover up the book.IMG_20160512_201301870

7.Crumple up the foil as much as you can into a small ball.IMG_20160512_201430007

8.Very carefully open up the ball and flatten it out with a rolling pin.It should look some what like this.IMG_20160512_221323777

9.Now cover up the book, making sure nothing tears up.The foil is extremely delicate so please be careful.

10.Now is the fun part!Take your cotton swabs and start to run it over the embellishments to bring out the design.This may take hours,I’m not kidding.The result is however, worth all the effort!


11.When the design is visible to your satisfaction,dab some black acrylic paint on to an ear bud to bring out the higher portions.Take your time,making sure the design comes out as detailed as possible.It’s the very fineness that will make this look amazing.


And it’s all done!Here’s the finished embossed vintage cover! My mom likes it so much that it’s now a display piece ๐Ÿ˜€



Stay tuned in for more.There’s a lot more exciting stuff coming your way! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. This is very cool, Aditi! I have so many books from Sunday markets too and I totally get your excitement for finding an original copy, that stuff is hard to come by!
    I’m gonna try this on the weekend but probably in gold foil. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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