The Hair Scare

Oh boy!
I cringe to the thought of that day I was presenting a topic up on the blackboard.
I’ve always been keen to go up to the blackboard and impress everyone blowing their minds with my explanations.
I remember vividly.‘Study Of Sea Food and Preservation’ was the name of the lecture and we were told to prepare what varieties of fish(salt water,fresh water) are consumed.Being a nerd,I made proper notes,all ready if my teacher called me to explain.
So let me set the scene.I was wearing this lovely Green pleated short dress,and with a fine pair of heels.I felt super sexy.
Uber sexy.
Beyond sexy.

And as usual,I raised my hand as soon as the teacher asked who had done the homework.She calls me up and trying to work my ass,I went up and explained.Everyone stared at my legs,EVERYONE.
She said “Well done” and I marched back*working it*.
“Why the hell haven’t you waxed your full leg,you fool”said my friend.
*Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..they saw the hair on my legs!Not my legs*I screamed in my head.Turns out the upper half of my unwaxed legs were visible as the dress was so short.It was a typical “Nahi…Nahi…Nahi…” Hindi serial moment.All of a sudden I was feeling hairy rather than sexy.
And for days I’d feel so embarrassed to attend classes.Damn,that was some experience -_-

And that,ladies and gentlemen was the last time I saved money on waxing.


  1. This is exactly what needs to change. Have you given it a thought why it is only the females who have to undergo the pain of shaving their body every few days? How many boys in your class shave their legs, hands or armpits before wearing shorts or sleeveless football jerseys?

    It is only a highly patriarchal society that embarasses a woman who does not shave her body. Why is it mandatory only for a girl to endure the pain? Hair are a symbol of masculinity for men; for women, hair become a source of ridicule. Why the inequality?

    To your classmates who embarrassed you, Aditi is a beautiful girl who has the liberty to wear whatever she wants without shaving her body for the same. It is her body and you or element of the society shall not decide that because you simply do not have the right to impose your patriarchal notions on her or on any other female. Do away with your patriarchal discourses- be a woman free from the shackles of a male-dominated society!

    Never feel ashamed of being who you are. By giving in to them, you only give in to a hopelessly patriarchal society which defines beauty norms and beauty myths for women.

    Read ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf. It’ll change the way you perceive things around you.

    Never fall prey to a society that constantly traps women into its orthodoxically inequal notions of beauty and patriarchy. Be a bold feminist, start today. The society is replete with patriarchal ideas, practices and notions which ought to be discarded.

    Women are and continue to be the last colony to be destroyed. a

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