An eye for an eye!

Amigo pretty peeps!

Gaurav from Ray of Light Into My Soul was a major discovery I made last year.He is one of those people who doesn’t just write brilliantly,but writes par excellence.He has truly been a writing inspiration for this Kalakaar.

Recently,I had made an eye sketch,which he wanted to use as an imagery for his poetry. I’m super late with this post,so apologies to this magic casting poet *_*


Our body withers away with time and
wrinkles will conquer our skin. Do not
be frighten as you age and your body
change because the body will slowly
fade but the soul keeps on marching.
The soul that develops through your
eyes everyday by capturing all your
experiences moment by moment.
Sometimes it is the eye of the oldest
people that are the deepest, holding
the wisdom. Their eyes are like an
ocean of knowledge that we want to
drown in.

Visit Eyes for the original post!

PS :This piece took me around a week to sketch.I wanted to make a sketch set of two eyes,so I utilized reflection to achieve it.Here’s “an eye for an eye” 😉




  1. No words is and will be enough to depict the connection I feel with this artwork. One of your best pieces in my opinion. Thanks a lot for these kind words, you equally deserve the appreciation. Each of your work is unique and beautiful. Bless you and keep doing what you love.


  2. I agree, Gaurav is par excellence …not only a wonderrrrrful writer but brings profound acuity and insight to it too, love him.

    And wat shall I say of this …….mere ‘brilliant’ won’t compliment it ….its so beautiful as in diving into time, masterpiece 🙂 … never ceases to amaze me girl 😮

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