My answer to “Do you think critiques panning the Batman V Superman movie during the first week the main reason for the movie to do bad at box office?”

Warner Bros.’ Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is finishing lower than its $52.4M weekend estimate yesterday, now at $51.8M. That 69% drop ties with Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine as one of the steepest second-weekend drops for a superhero film ever.BvS weathered a post-Easter frame in which fans failed to return in droves. And there was nothing holding them back since the other majors didn’t trot out new wide entries.Compare BvS’ drop with those of other prized superhero titles: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (-59%), The Dark Knight (-52%), Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 (-61%). The latter caused Sony to go back to the drawing board in an effort to reboot Marvel’s Spidey for a third time.

Rival distributors also pointed out other factors impacting BvS’ slowdown: It was playing in a non-holiday frame, in which there were fewer schools off on break than last weekend. Also, BvS was frontloaded more than other superhero films outside The Dark Knight Rises ($30.6M), with moviegoers also showing up on the weekdays and male moviegoers in particular distracted on Saturday night by the NCAA Final Four. “Essentially, you’re comparing this weekend’s grosses for Batman V Supermanagainst a four-day holiday last weekend. Whenever you have that set-up, there’s always a steep drop,” says one non-Warner Bros distribution executive.

Even so, another rival laughs at the notion of the non-holiday frame biting into BvS‘ business: “What about the great hold that Furious 7 put up (-60%) in its post-Easter weekend?” That sevenquel, directed by James Wan (who’s on the hook to helmAquaman), made $59.6M in its second go-round, $7.2M more than BvS this weekend.

Financially, BvS could still turn out alright: Its second weekend was slightly better than Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, which fell 72% and made $47.4M. That film became the highest installment in the Potter franchise with a 2.25 multiple off its $169.1M, for $381M. That’s the same leg-out factor many are predicting for BvS. For Warner Bros, with BvS at $681.3M, they have nothing to apologize for in its accounting ledgers (yet).

Source :‘Batman V Superman’s Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight With The B.O.: Even Lower With $51.8M, -69% – Monday AM Update

My opinion :

It’s very easy to morph people’s mind into thinking and believing what the critics say.

Time and again I’ve watched movies that the ‘larger’ audience could not understand but later turned out to be ultimate winners. Many such movie’s didn’t make much money however they will remain in the hearts of us fans forever.

 I’ll give you an example. In around 1993 or 1994,a movie came out by the name ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’.People at the time,had not evolved to that flavor of comedy,the sarcastic and intelligent comedy.Instead of being a crass comedy,this was witty in all ways.However,it was bashed and disliked by the critics.It fared horribly at the box office even though it had all the big names of the time.

Today it is one of the finest cult comedies ever made in the history of Indian cinema.So much so,that the dialogues are used as references in our daily lives.

Similarly,I have a feeling that the audiences will evolve and eventually accept Batman V Superman for the darkness it brought about unlike the conventional positive,hope filled superhero classics.

The further I read about it the more I agree with the plot.I know most people will differ from my opinion but trust me this movie is worth the watch for everyone of us who have a mind of our own.I urge you to form your own opinion and not believe what the others say.

I really hope B V S makes a League of it’s own as the audiences evolve to appreciate its darkness.

It’s highly unfair that the worth and destiny of a movie is decided at the Box Office. Sadly,no one ever said the world is fair.

My answer on Quora : My answer to “Do you think critiques panning the Batman V Superman movie during the first week the main reason for the movie to do bad at box office?”


  1. Thats quite an article…very analytical n precise.

    Guess wat….haven’t watched it yet..not a frnd of mine is pleasing enuf to go with me…last time we tried …we ended up watching ‘The Revenant’ third tym 😛


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