The Martha Coincidence

DISCLAIMER : DO NOT,I REPEAT,DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU ARE YET TO WATCH THE MUCH AWAITED Β MOVIE OF 2016-BATMAN V SUPERMAN :Dawn of Justice.I in no way would want to spoil your experience.Only proceed once you’ve watched it and enjoyed it.

PS :Don’t let critics influence your opinion in any way what so ever.IMG_1893

For me,watching a movie is much more than a luxary.I for one do not have many friends or any sort of company,so I’ve learnt just download movies and watch them at home.

Now,however,since my brother is back home,he offers to take me out once in a while.And ofcorce,what movie would you watch with the person who watched cartoon network with you as a child?Of cource a superhero kinda movie πŸ˜›

The much awaited Batman v/s Superman was a dream to watch on its day of release.For someone like me,who knows very little about graphics,I obviously cannot judge that,even though I felt it was amazing.

The exciting part however wasn’t those spectacular fight sequences or Superman’s handsome close ups,it was the characters and the plot.For me,each character was spot on.

A very common theory blends this flick together,the common enemy.A bad guy in desperate need creates a fight between two superheroes.The very bollywood concept here however is that he doesn’t realize one common thing between these superheroes,both their mothers were named Martha.And that was the foundation of how Β Batman And Superman came to the conclusion that they need to stand up for one another and not against each other.

I hear alot of people commenting about how the other heroes from the Justice League had no role to play, missed the entire point of the movie.As its name very well suggests,Dawn Of Justice is the beginning of it all.How superman and Batman worked in unison with the very guilty and beautiful Wonder Woman.I say guilty because if it wasn’t for Bruce poking her that she too has a job,she would have never come to their rescue.For the first time I felt that there exists a badass female counter part to the other massive super heroes.

For me,this reinforced the idea that if it wasn’t for Bruce Wayne and his spectacular mind,none of this would have ever happened.He is in his own words a brave man,one who isn’t as rare to find yet is so difficult to be.The idea that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero is again reinforced by Batman’s character.In all my love for Batman has further increased and my curiosity to see the Justice League in its full form has no bounds.I can’t wait to watch the next movie.I know my love for Harry Potter as a series can never be replaced but this series might make it difficult for me to pick the better series.

The shoes in the above picture were hand painted by me.Feel free to check them out if you wanna make your own. πŸ™‚




      • I liked the action sequences but wanted more. 😦
        I loved the way Lex Luthor’s role was the one binding their connection to each other.
        BTW, watching it in 3D was a bad idea. The glasses darkened the already dark print of the movie!

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      • Haan,so right about the glasses!
        The guy who played Lex did a pretty good job.To me he kinda copied Heath’s Joker,I felt that,don’t know why.Funda toh yahi that ki common enemy got them together.I just didn’t understand how he knew about the other super heroes!Smart guy!

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      • Also, I didn’t like the fact that they used the title Batman v/s Superman to lure people in when they ended up
        ** SPOILER ALERT ** teaming up together. They should have been against all through till the end for the title to make sense. :/

        Liked by 1 person

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