Valentine Glam

I was in a dilemma for the longest time.I’ve always wanted a beautiful red bag with a matching pair of red heels.But just like everything else,it’s hard to win my heart over:P I’m yet to find myself the perfect fit.

However,I seem to come up with a lot of solutions for the things I can’t find,lately.When you cant get something,you make it πŸ™‚ Just like happiness ^_^


So,here’s my happiness ka pitara!

Things you’ll need :IMG_1739

Process :

1.Place the glitter sheet onto the lining cloth and outline it with a pencil.The shape can be messy as we’ll be cleaning the edges later.IMG_1744IMG_1746

2.Cut the lining cloth around the pencil lines you just made.IMG_1750IMG_1751

3.Now,apply a fine coat of fabric glue to the foam sheet.As per the instructions on my glue,I allowed it to sit for ten minutes before placing the cloth.Make sure to read the instructions on the glue you are using.IMG_1753IMG_1754IMG_1755

4.Cut out the excess cloth with a pair of scissors.IMG_1756

5.Let the glue and cloth sit to set.Meanwhile cut out a strip of velcro to make the closure for the clutch.IMG_1757IMG_1758

6.Apply the glue to the back of the velcro pieces and let it set for another ten minutes.IMG_1764IMG_1759IMG_1761

7.Having applied glue to the body of the sheet,set the velcro pieces so that they fally exactly on top of one another.

8.Put some weight on the clutch to set it better.IMG_1763

9.Wait for 24 hours and let the glue do its magic!To further secure the clutch,you can stitch the side seams like I did.This will help to keep the clutch from losing it’s shape πŸ™‚IMG_1798IMG_1800IMG_1801IMG_1797

Designing :IMG_1803IMG_1805IMG_1767


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