DIY :Snowman

Hi guys!

I’m really sorry for being less active lately and I’m super excited to see what incredible work you’ve been doing on your blogs!I’ll soon be visiting each one of you as soon as I get time off work,which should be pretty soon

I did this fun little project last night, in about 30 minutes.It was super quick and turned out soo adorable!IMG_1621

I’ve named him Joy πŸ˜€

If you want your very own Joy,keep on reading!

Things you’ll need :IMG_1575

1.A pair of socks.You only require one sock,however the other sock would go to waste,you can save it for another project I’ll be doing πŸ˜‰ .

2.A big bowl of rice to give the snowman’s body a structure.

3.A pair of scissors.

4.White Thread.Thick is preferred.

5.Wood stalks.

6.Colorful beads or buttons.

7.Any kind of fabric glue.

8.Fake plastic eyes.

9.Some bindis.I took red bindis circular in shape and one red/orange tear drop shaped bindi.

10.A rounded spoon.

11.Colorful ribbon.

12.A needle.

13.A sharp tool such as a blade.


IMG_1576 - Copy

3.IMG_1577 - CopyIMG_1578 - CopyIMG_1579 - CopyIMG_1580 - CopyIMG_1581 - CopyIMG_1582 - CopyIMG_1586 - CopyIMG_1596 - CopyIMG_1597 - CopyIMG_1598 - CopyIMG_1599 - CopyIMG_1601 - CopyIMG_1602 - Copy

From the toe :IMG_1603 - CopyIMG_1604 - CopyIMG_1605 - Copy

The above steps are all over the internet,however its the designing I did differently. I’ve fabric glued the eyes,the beads as buttons an even the ribbon scarf to keep it in place.I also made a little bow from the ribbon and glued it n the scarf.IMG_1606 - CopyIMG_1607 - CopyIMG_1609 - Copy

You could stop right here,but I decided to add hands.Simply, take your needle and pierce a whole right through where you want the hands and make an incision with a sharp tool such as a blade and stuff the wooden stalks in and you’re done!IMG_1610 - CopyIMG_1611 - CopyIMG_1612 - CopyIMG_1625 - Copy


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