DIY :Branched Christmas Ornament Trees

I’m all set for celebrating Christmas with full enthusiasm.

As this is my first Christmas blogging,I’m going all out with many D.I.Ys. As passionate I am about craft,Christmas is the best time to do as many projects as possible to satisfy my hunger of doing something productive in a creative manner.

This is my first D.I.Y for the holidays and I hope you guys recreate some of these πŸ™‚

For the Branched Christmas Ornament,you’ll need :

1.A couple of tree branches.

2.Powdered Glitter (any color you like,I’ve used red,green and gold).100 grams of each is sufficient.

3.Fevicol or mod podge.

4.A brush.

5.Containers for easy application of glitter.

Optional : For leaf ornament

6.A few leaves(I’ve used two).

7.Red Acrylic Paint.

8.Gold Spray Paint.

9.Alphabet stickers.

10..A vase.

Process :

1.Collect your branches and pull off all the leaves.Leave behind the stakes of the leaves.IMG_1479

2.Arrange it in a vase, sturdy enough to hold the weight of the branches.IMG_1480IMG_1481

3.After you have decided how many branches are to be placed in you tree,you can start glittering the branches.Simply apply fevicol or mod podge to the branches and tip the glitter color of your choice over the glue.Allow the glitter to set and dry.


4.After drying use a setting hair spray over the glitter branches.And your tree is ready!IMG_1488You can decorate it as you like and for an extra shimmer,you can add lights to your tree!IMG_1492IMG_1495IMG_1512IMG_1513IMG_1511

Here’s how I made the leaf ornaments :IMG_1497IMG_1498IMG_1500IMG_1501IMG_1502IMG_1518







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