DIY :Batman Keychain

InstagramCapture_c8cb7d4b-4832-41af-9d04-275765a7168e_jpgIt’s been soo long since I did a DIY project post.I’ve been working on many projects for Christmas and new year,and most of em are in progress,so I’m waiting for the perfect timing to post em.

Anyway,allow me to please all you Batman Fans out there.Me,personally am a huge fan of superhero comics and flicks.This is my second DIY on my favorite superhero that I made for a very dear friend.This was complete early in November,but since I have not been able to give it to him,I didn’t make a post.But,I can wait no longer for people to see it now!

So here it goes!

Things you’ll need :


1.Polymer Clay(of any color,I’ve used white).

2.A cutting tool such as a knife or a blade.

3.A toothpick.

4.A sheet of paper.

5.An oven.

6.A jump ring.

7.A Β chain and a hoop.

8. Pliers.


10.Fewiquick or superglue.

11.Spray Paint(optional).

12.Black Acrylic Paint.

13.A paint brush.

14.A rolling pin.

Here’s what you gotta do :

1.Draw a shape of the Batman wing logo on a piece of paper or print one out.There are alot of bat shapes online ,you can choose any shape you desire.I didn’t select the classical bat shape as I have a habit of selecting uncommon designs πŸ˜›

2.Cut the shape with a pair of scissors.

3.Now using your rolling pin,flatten out the polymer clay of a suitable thickness as you would do while rolling a roti.

4.Place your bat shape onto the clay and carefully cut around your shape.

Your bat should look somewhat like this.



5.Now, pierce a hole through the top of the wing with the help of a toothpick to allow the key chain to pass through.



As I was making a personalized key chain,I cut out an ‘M'(My friend’s name is Mayank) in the same way as I cut out the bat.




6.Now,bake both the pieces separately as per the instructions of temperature-time combination given on the clay packaging.Both shapes must be rigid and hardened when you take the pieces out,if not,allow more time for heating at the same temperature.



7.The pieces are all set to be painted!




To make sure the’M’ stood out on the black base,I spray painted it Β a bright silver matching the silver key chain.


Glue the letter on the bat and pass the chain through the hole and you’re done!


Chek out my hand painted Batman shoes if you already haven’t!

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