The Taste Of Love


Taste is the sensation of flavor(a combination of mouthfeel and aroma) perceived in the mouth , throat and nose in contact with a substance.

Love feels like all the four kinds of taste : salt,sweet,sour,bitter and combined into one dose of an addictive poisonous drug.Just one sip and thereΒ  is no turning back.

Love smells like an unforgettable aroma that even when you are not with that person you can identify it anywhere and even many years after that person is gone.

Love tastes like a potion that brings one back to life.A taste no food can ever recreate.

The love potion feels different each to its consumer mimicking the things they are most attracted to and makes them incapable to resist the temptation.

PS : I think this was one of those scenes where I got the reassurance of Rupert Grint’s acting skills that had me dazed in love.He did a splendid job of acting under influence of the love potion cunningly made for Harry.It was absolutely hilarious the way he said “Isn’t it beautiful….the moon” πŸ˜€



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