Since I was 5 years old,the idea of appreciating artistic work was induced into me by my father.It was the time where the whole family would sit together and watch classical comedies from our very fine Indian culture.

Most of the movies we watched were by a very famous director Hrishikesh Mukherjee.From the very witty ‘Chupke Chupke’ to ‘Bawarchi’s’ beautiful take on how we must stand together and be good human beings, every single one of his movies taught us the real meaning of life.The true meanings of the words honesty, respect, love, hate and any other possible emotion has been preached in his nearly perfect picturizations , with the finest actors of Indian Cinema playing their parts flawlessly who have made my cry and smile within a span of a few seconds.

bawarchi Chupke_Chupke

It was after I had nearly memorized most of my favorite scenes dialogue by dialogue,from about 50 classics, I moved onto the classics from Hollywood. Works by incredible actors such as Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Sean Penn and many more, has made me appreciate the fine art of acting and expressing my emotions.

Considering my madness for all time classical comedies,I’ve decided to create a different category called  ‘Movie Appreciation’ where I want to paint my thoughts on the wonderful craft of acting by insanely incredible actors of all time.

I hope I can help people identify some amazing pieces of work that they might have missed.

Everything in life can be appreciated and I hope people can look at things from how I see them and discover in themselves the vision of beauty which most of us have forgotten.

I hope you can enjoy half as much as I enjoyed growing up with these beautiful movies of all time. 🙂



  1. Go ahead! Movie critics and commentaries are plenty, but the genre you are revisiting, would certainly attract interest. As you said, you may not bring Hrishikesh da’s beauty, but his humor was natural day-to-day humor. Like moustache humor or the illegal rent occupants humor. Think it would come effortlessly from you.


    • To be honest my angle is to appreciate the very fine things these movies have taught us about life,I don’t think I’m that well learned to be a critic 😀 but humor well definitely never go ‘out of fashion’.But Indian Cinema I feel is beyond the physical aspect of humor such as a toothbrush moustache 😛 but more with witty dialogue deliveries,more like the British comedy,very intelligent and not slapstick American.
      Thankyou soo much 🙂


  2. U caught me girl right at the mention of ‘Hrishikesh Mukherjee’, one of the finest director of our country…I love his work so much be it Anand…chupkechupke…satyakaam etc……I admire people who have acuity in films..kudos…..Why m I sounding so excited ?? 😛
    And ya u like freeman?..coooooooool ….now I don’t have any qualms why u mentioned ‘libra’ as ur suffix

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