Never knew you meant that much to me

IMG_1291Life :It’s a constant struggle.

One has to fight for what they want,strive for what they dream,stick with what they believe.

Relationships being significant to our lives,are just the same.A struggle.

They are hard, require constant pushing and pulling(therefore,love is a force!).A constant battle to make things work.And in the battle,which becomes hopeless at times,when we need a light to guide us back home,we stand at the payphone(sad they don’t exist anymore) Β and try to call,but we’ve run out of change,we reach a dilemma “Is it easier to fight or to let go?”We feel weak to wait even for a second longer and let go to realize when it’s too late.

Bridget sings it perfectly in her beautifully written song ‘5:15’.It’s not just my favorite song because I can feel and identify with every single syllable,but the music is unbelievably peaceful and calming,you cannot even feel she’s in pain of having let go and she’s regrets not waiting.

I love how easy it is for her to variate her voice,she can almost blow your mind atΒ times and sometimes her voice goes so low it’s like she’s whispering.

The most beautiful line written is “I’ll be waiting for you…until 5 :15”.These are illustrations for various lines in this beautiful song.







Listen to her sing live right here :



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