Because you saw me when I was invisible

It is for the first time,I’m making two posts in one day!

Have you ever had that moment when you can just not resist something?

Like that madness we have to check facebook to see how many likes that new display picture got?

I have a similar inability to resists making this post.

I just came across an article on ‘first love’.And that got my brain cells churning.

For me ‘first love’ reminds me of the first boy who noticed me.The first boy who made my feel I wasn’t invisible.

Another story just began like that.Helga’s love story.

He was the very first boy who ever paid attention to her.She who was never used to anyone caring for her,she didn’t even take a second to fall for him.

I draw this in the hope they do end up together.Comment and criticize πŸ™‚Β IMG_1129



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