Why ‘Hey ,Arnold!’ gave us the best life experiences

ArnoldsfriendsAt the age of 9,cartoons played a significant role in the lives of us 90’s kids. Back then, cartoons made sense, taught the true meaning of so many things that would eventually matter in life. It’s now when I look back, what we had was a treasure.

From Spongebob Squarepants to Tom and Jerry, all of them taught us the real meaning of friendship, love, hate, strength and sacrifice.

Now coming to the show that taught us everything. Recently, I just typed “Hey Arnold’ episodes and without realizing, I was completely hooked. May be then I didn’t think much of it, but now, I laughed and smiled because the now me understands the fine things in life. The very tiny details of what makes one a beautiful person.

By everything in life here is what I mean.

Helga taught us the true meaning of love.

There was this lovely episode where one of tenants the boarding house tells us a sad story of how he came to the city looking for his daughter he had sent out of the country to protect her from the brutal war.

enhanced-23565-1434130918-1Arnold decides to find his daughter looking for her where abouts. All he misses out was a pair of snow boots he had to purchase to get her address. It was then when Helga decides to give up her boots so that the kid can believe in fairytales. On Christmas morning she is able to help find Mr. Hyunh’s daughter. She stands outside the boarding house and whispers “Marry Christmas Arnold”. I cry as I write these lines. If only at 9 I’d have understood that love is a form of sacrifice , maybe to a nine year old kid a pair of snow boots could be everything, but giving them up to make someone happy is the most noble thing to do. It was the first time behind “Move it football head” you saw the heart of the girl who was never noticed or taken care of by her parents, she had nobody to love except for Arnold. In my opinion her character was the best one ever written in the history of cartoons.


Gerald taught us the true friends stick around no matter what.

Arnold is once accused of stealing by the entire fourth grade yet Gerald sticks around protecting the short man. And that handshake? We all had those friends who made special handshakes with us. So many memories :’)


Sid taught us that we don’t need to be rich to impress people or to make friends. All we need is honesty.

Stinky taught us no matter how famous we become, we should never let go of what we started out as.He also taught us if we truly believe in ourselves, we can make anything happen. Like that gigantic pumpkin he grew on his own.


Harold taught us that no matter how much people laugh at us we shouldn’t give up on true friendships ,no matter how much people laugh at our friends, we support them always


Ronda taught as that judging people on their fashion sense does not decide how good they are.


Sheena taught us that sometimes it is important to fight for what we really want. It’s always worth it.

Big Patty taught us that even the sweetest people can be mistaken to be arrogant or even stupid. I did feel sad for her, but she taught me a valuable lesson that judging people on how they look is a very wrong thing indeed.

Grandpa taught us that our grandparents love as just as much as our parents do. Making up such surreal stories to a child in his crib while his parents are never coming back, he tried his very best to give Arnold what he was missing out on. I feel he was the second father to the football head.


Pooki  taught us the people may go into a second childishness as they grow old. We ought to respect their thoughts just like we did when they were sane. Also grandmothers are always the most loving people that can ever exist.

Olga taught us that a true sister cares the most about her sisters. The guilt of her being far away from her sister pushes her to come as close as possible. Even though this was not desired by Helga, Olga moves away to Alaska to preserve their relationship.

download (1)

Big Bob taught us that our parents make mistakes too. And we as their children should allow them to get off that hook. No one is perfect, not even the greatest of parents. And that’s why we learn how we should accept people with their flaws and perfections.

Eugine taught us that the unluckiest people are the most positive people. Their hopes have always been shattered yet saying “I’m okay” kinda makes it seem alright. I’ve always felt like somehow I could hug him to have given me hope in the toughest of times.


Curly, so called because he is as twisted as a curly hair strand, is in fact capable of loving! He is weird and sometimes disturbing but he is so passionate about things which us regular people can never understand. His weirdness makes him stand out.

Pheboe taught us the be loyal friends and sometimes it’s okay to take advantage of our friends if we allow them to exploit us 😉

Oscar, a self-centered human being made me realize how important it is to put our needs second to the people willing to give up anything for us. Making excuses never made us a fighter.

05.2 - El Baseball.mp4_snapshot_10.06_[2012.09.26_01.59.32]

Mickey Keyline’s last day on the pitch made me sympathize with him. The thing that he was most passionate about was over as he was retiring a legend, the view the field gave him made him remember how he first started to play baseball. And you know why, because Arnold returned him the very last ball he had caught, telling him how special and fortunate he felt to have witnessed his last game. A very touching episode that taught me, people who have loved me during my journey will love me even after it’s over.



  1. I got to know about this cartoon by your post itself and based on what you have written it seems that it must have had very nice plot and characterization. Missed it though! As far as learning is concerned, I believe cartoons have always played a big role in lives of millions of children as well as adults. They always misjudge the cartoons and consider it as stuff for kids only here in our country but the fact is that cartoons have so much to offer. In fact, there is nothing like cartoon series or animation movies that teaches us lessons of life. I have watched number of cartoons as a kid and as a teenager as well. I used to enjoy them and I do watch some of them in free time. You experience fun and get to learn at the same time. No doubt you must be watching animation movies but if you do not then go for it. You will enjoy for sure. ‘Up’ movie is my personal favorite, do watch it if you haven’t already. 🙂

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  2. Yeah same here. I didn’t know about ‘hey Arnold’ but Tom and Jerry and spongebob were just amazing. And to think now kids just watch the whining of a noob boy who is good for nothing is just sad. I miss my old cartoons. Pokemon, Dexter’s laboratory even Bob the builder. THAT was something

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