Pretty = Not-so-smart?

I was just having a chat with a fellow wordpress blogger and a very peculiar episode came to my mind.

We were talking about what are our favorite colors to wear,my instant reaction was “I love all colors,but have a special liking for black.But,it’s next to impossible to wear black in the scorching heat of Delhi in summers,cause darker colors absorb heat”

He said “So you know science stuff,it’s called the Black-body effect”

And I ACTUALLY laughed my ass off!

I am a science student but even if I wasn’t can’t I know scientific facts?

It reminded me of how one some guy on Quora(Yes,I’m a very active user of Quora) asked me “Is that you in a purple dress?”(All shocked),and I was like “Yeah,why?”He said “How could you be smart AND look pretty?”And I had nothing to say before I ridiculed him for such an appalling assumption.For a minute there I was like “Did he just mean that smart people cannot be good looking?”Not to suggest I’m smart or intelligent but assuming he FELT I was,why could I not dress up and be “pretty”?

I’ve read questions like “Why do guys go for the hot women and not the intelligent one?”

What kind of a stupid logic is that?Why can’t hot girls be smart and intelligent?

The very thought that smart people can’t look pretty and pretty people can’t be smart is just disgusting.

I don’t mean to brag,but judging a book by it’s cover is a very rude thing to do.

I admire a woman a lot.Just her picture would be sufficient to prove that pretty women can also be smart.


Have you heard her speech for the HeforShe Campaign?You’ve definitely missed something!

Emma’s speech on HeforShe Campaign

We are not talking about Hermione Granger here, but Emma Watson,a real person.I particularly chose to put this picture because she looks damn fine here.Pushing my point further that hot women CAN have brains.

But then people would question “Well that’s just one woman”.Here is a list of 50 more!

I’m a science student who loves to dress up “pretty” and understands fashion with the brain that I have.And yes,Physics was always my favorite subject.

I’m different and special,just like each and everyone of you reading this post.I don’t feel one needs to conform to some “standards” of society to fit in.And you shouldn’t either.No matter how different you are,accept it and love it.Don’t be pulled down by people laughing at you,because they always will no matter how insanely incredible you become.So just stay indifferent to their judgements. Be confident and proud of your ‘specialness’.(I just invented a new word!)

Stay smart and pretty or smart and handsome!Because you can!




  1. Good post 🙂 There’s no such logic that pretty girls cannot be intelligent 😉 It’s just that the first 20 second of visual have a deeper impact on some boys brains that they find it hard to comprehend that this beauty queen has so much intelligence 😛 We gotta try to take each one on their merit and life may be a bit easy that way 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A wonderful post really, I like the essence of it combined with inspiration.
    Yes, I too meet people with such phobia (if only I can call it), it can be because they want to come to a point almost instantly. Its liking thinking science students are better than the ones who take up arts.
    You write good…keep going 🙂


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