The Gothic Box Clutch

I’ve been OBSESSED with the Gothic look since I was about 15.

However,I guess I never had the confidence to pull it off(or the sex appeal.)

But,I did apply black nail polish (even though my mom hates it :P).Somehow it used to make me feel better about myself.

Now that I’m older and full of crazy confidence,it is time my obsession can meet reality.

I’m in the hunt for that perfect all black look for a couple of months.And knowing that I do not have the right accessories to go with the gothic look,that’s when it hit me!What if I MADE a black studded gothic bag?

And that’s when I came up with a design,out of everything I had at home.Wanna see what it looks like?Keep on reading! πŸ˜€

Things you’ll need:

1.An old box.(either a cube or a cuboid).


I used this really old jewelry box.

2. Fevicol or Mod Podge.


3. Feviquick or superglue.


4.Acrylic paint.

I’ve used black(obviously).

5.A paint brush.


6.Set of various beads or charms that you want to glue on the clutch.


7.Jewelry making chain. I’ve used silver.


8.Hook on buttons.I’ve used 3 sets,2 for hanging the chain and one for the closure of the clutch.


9.A soft piece of cloth to put inside the clutch.


10.A cutter.

Lets get started!

1.Make sure the box is intact and its surface is as fine as possible.

2.Now start painting both the lid and the bottom with as many coats as sufficient to cover up its base well.

IMG_20150903_221619458 IMG_20150903_221626644 IMG_20150903_223810593

3.Allow the box to sit and dry completely.

4.Now,cut along the height of any one side of the lid like so.Make sure to cut both the ends of that side

.IMG_20150903_225747204 IMG_20150903_225829060 IMG_20150903_230009645 IMG_20150903_230337993 IMG_20150903_230408474 IMG_20150904_191317338

5.Fit in the cut edge into the bottom making sure to cut out any protruding pieces.

6.Glue down this edge to the bottom like so.And your clutch structure is ready!

IMG_20150904_191512703 IMG_20150904_191533320 IMG_20150904_191546791Β IMG_20150904_191640924

7.Now begins the fun part!The detailing πŸ˜€

Since I wanted studs on my clutch(and studs are pretty expensive in India),I purchased the arm band with loads of studding thinking I’d take the pieces out and clip the closures.And it really worked perfectly!

8.Place the beads or embellishments where you want them on the clutch.Now start gluing on each piece with the design staying intact so the placement of each piece is as accurate as possible.

9.This is what my design looks like.


10.It’s time to put our hooks in position.

Now,the positioning of these is very important.If I glued the hooks to the bottom,the clutch would look lopsided when the chain would be hung on the shoulder.To save yourself from that blunder make sure to glue the hooks at the end of the lid,so that the clutch falls straight under the effect of gravity.

Wrong Position

Wrong Position

Right position

Right position


11.Let’s get to the inside of the box.Glue down the piece of cloth on the inside making sure it does not hinder the opening and closing of the box.


12.Now,you just have to put one hook for the closure.Simply glue it down.After the glue has set,put the closure of the hook through the hook and close the box.Without disturbing the closure,glue it down to the bottom such that the box can open and close perfectly.


13.And the clutch is ready to be worn!

Oops,forgot the chain!Simply,hang the chain ends through the glued down hooks using two jump rings.


And that’s all!

I love this clutch to death.I really doubt I can ever find something similar to it.So make something unique,something that you love,it’ll be totally worth the effort!

Also,I’ve enrolled into a re-design competition with this re-cycled box clutch as my entry.I’d really appreciate if guys could open the link and like my entry,as the number of likes will determine if I win πŸ˜€

Just open the link and like my entry by logging in via facebook or twitter!

I hope you liked this idea and plan on making one for yourself πŸ™‚

IMG_1085 IMG_1071

IMG_1073 IMG_1075

IMG_1079 IMG_1084

IMG_1202 (2)IMG_1191



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