Deathly Hallows Pendant

Hi guys!

I’m back with my second necklace!And this time,you would have guessed what it is πŸ˜€

A die hard Harry Potter fan,I’ve been working on loads of the merchandise inspired from both the books and the movies.

Since,collecting jewelry is my passion,I decided to make this very special piece. Every time I look at it I get reminded of XenophiliusΒ Lovegood wearing it around his neck.And who could forget the Quibbler!



Before I go nuts and get reminded of the series,I’ll get on with the crafting! πŸ˜€

Things you’ll need:

1.Polymer clay.


Mine is from ebay.

2.A cutter/blade.

3.A safety pin.

4.Aluminium foil.

5.Nail clippers.

6.A rolling pin(belan).

7.A bottle cap.

I used the lid of a bottle of Lacto Calamine.

8. Some paint and brushes.


I used gold acrylic paint.

9.An oven.

10.An eye-shadow palette.


Process :

1.With the help of a rolling pin,flatten some polymer clay and allow it to spread.



2.Next with the help of a cutter,cut out 5 straight slices from the flattened clay.


3.Form the two sides of a triangle with two pieces,representing the invisibility cloak.

4.Wrap one slice around the bottle cap to make it as round as possible.And align it against the two sides made earlier.This represents the resurrection stone.



5.Put on slice right at the bottom to complete the triangle.

6.Put the right piece as the perpendicular,passing the centre of the circle,and obviously is the most powerful wand.Make sure to trim the edges as neatly as possible.


7.After the structure is ready,we need to attach the hook to make the pendant.With the help of the nail clippers,detach the loop of the safety pin and insert in right at the top of the triangle.


8.Place the piece on an aluminium foil and as per the time-temperature combination given on the polymer clay packaging,allow it to heat harden.I set the oven at 120 degrees celcius for 15 to 20 minutes.




I’d recommend to strictly follow the given time-temperature combination as its tried and tested not to burn the clay.(Check the hardening with a sharp object)

9.Once the piece has hardened,allow it to air cool for about 5 minutes.

10,Now its time to paint.

I did mine gold and applied a little amount of eye shadow to bring a bit of sparkle!


And your pendant is ready!Just bead it through a necklace and you’re done.




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