Not just a regular Wednesday!

It was just a regular Wednesday.

Hectic schedules.Deadlines to meet.Loads of coffee servings.Boring. Monotonous.

As soon as I’m back home from work,I see this package sitting on by bed,waiting for me to unwrap it.

“Oh,yeah,must be those heel chains I ordered” I said to myself.

My jaw dropped the second I could see its contents!

The chains were drop dead gorgeous!Totally took my breath away.

But what’s so amazing about that?

I’ll tell you what.

There was a note inside the box,which read


This is by far the sweetest thing someone has done for me in a very long time!

No matter how tired am I right now,no matter how sleepy I am now,no matter how hungry I am right now,I had to give 20Dresses a shout out.

You guys are super amazing,I really can’t express how happy you guys have made me today!

Definitely gonna be purchasing your stuff in the future!

I’m really glad I picked you guys to buy these heel chains! ❀ ❀ ❀IMG-20150819-WA0001


IMG-20150819-WA0007Absolutely adore you people!

Girls if you’re reading this,try their site once,its simply amazing!




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