A tribute

This is a piece I’ve written, respecting an ended friendship.It states of the emotional turmoil it brought on me.I hope you like it.

When you said “Hey!”


Before you came
I’d always say,
The best relationships are the ones that never go away.

It all started just like any other adventure,
You, me and a friendly gesture.

                         We boarded that ship.Thus, began our friendship.                      

The ship set a sail,As slow as a snail.

So,began a fairy tale.

 You seemed so perfect
I became soo addicted.

Those beautiful nights,
What wonderful times.

The ship picked up its pace,
That’s when I showed you my real face.

You whispered how much you loved it.
Somehow I still felt like a misfit.

I was doing something immoral
As your lips of coral
Made their way
towards me.
And that’s when I could clearly see.

I backed down, I freaked out
As you walked further down
That ship
I had begun to call home
I had never known
How deep that ship had sunk.

I could hardly breath. As I began to freeze

In that water so cold. I was left all alone.

Now that you’re gone I’ll always say , relationships are never meant to stay.



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