DIY : Batman Rises

If you fall, you are a man, but if you fall and rise, you are Batman,

If you struggle, you are a man, but if you struggle and don’t give up, you are Batman,

If you are a visionary, you are a man, but if you are visionary with determination, you are Batman,

If you serve, you are a man, but if you serve when no is one watching you, you are Batman,

If you fear, you are a man, but if you fear and conquer fear, you are Batman,

If you are angry, you are a man, but if your anger is a weapon, you are Batman,

It’s not  training and obscene wealth, It’s not batsuits and batpod, It’s not having Wayne enterprise and Alfred Pennyworth… but what one *does*… that defines Batman.

Yes, Anyone can be a batman.

Being such a strong, powerful character ,who wouldn’t wanna be like him?

As a tribute to this great, heroic character, I made a special D.I.Y. project.

If you wanna see it, keep on reading!

Things you’ll need :

1.A pair of white canvas shoes.


Mine are the tennis fleets that you might remember from school days!(Action ka school time :P)

2.A set of acrylic paints.

I purchased the colours black, white, blue, yellow and red, since you can make other colours by simply mixing these in different proportions.

3.Fine point painting brushes. I recommend slightly harder brushes.

4.A permanent marker(optional).

Lets get started!

1.First,understand the shape of your shoes. This is very crucial to your final design.Since I have really tiny feet,I had very little area to work with. Most painting area was at the tip of the shoes.

I started with a rough pencil sketch to get an idea of what I want in the final design.I made sure  the batman logo was the first thing I drew.






2.After completing my design in pencil.I studied it as to how painting was to start. And then I got on with it.


I have used the concentrated paint without mixing any mediums for dilution, so make sure you have enough paint.






3.After the painting was done,I did a couple of touch ups and used a parmanant black marker for highlighting anything.However,you must remember not to use the marker over the paint as it will bleed through the paint no matter how hard you try to camouflage it.

4.Leave the shoes to air dry or fast set using a blow dryer on high heat. Since acrylic paint dries pretty quickly, you can skip this step altogether.


5.I changed the white laces with a very bright yellow ones to match with the colourful design!


And they are ready to be worn!

A true batman fan may understand the meaning of everything I’ve drawn on these.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IMG-20150630-WA0002  IMG-20150629-WA0010



IMG-20150630-WA0007Feel free to leave a comment down below it you felt this was a yay or a nay!Also feel free to send me a message on my facebook account,if you wish to purchase one for yourself!

Next,would be the shoe display put together with the perfect outfit!Stay tuned!



  1. “Beware the Batman” … well u know the whole point of being batman is to good keeping your “good” in dark so plzz try with black colour ! You know wat i wanna say “Does it come in black “. But kudos to ur creativity and thumbs up.. Start saving people now :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha!I wanted them to look bright,like myself 😛 And I’ve used dark blue for the sky,I wanted more of yellow and red hues :)I’m pretty sure I’m saving loads of people alot of time and research to make art pieces such as this 😀


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