Yes,I write poems now.

A very important man in my life once said, ” Sacchi Kalakaari ek toote dil se nikalti hai” (True creativity comes from a broken heart).

 Remembering his words of wisdom,I created this piece. Its about a person who betrayed my trust. I hope you really are proud of my work Pooki.

The Lesson


Forgiving was something I thought I could never do

Yet,I took this chance to mend things with you.

Your constant apologies made me sympathize

I thought you had learnt your lesson and wouldn’t repeat it another time.

Eventually,your world stopped

The second I realized who you really are

The game of pretense was played well on your part,

And I’m glad now I know,all you ever wanted to do was to hurt my heart.

You taught me a lesson,I learned the hard way

But I’m afraid you lost a good friend on the way.

Time will pass by,life will go on

But I’ll never come back,now that I’m gone.

Aditi Arora


    • Why thankyou Ronit!I chose to write in order to get rid of my fumes of anger.Sometimes, when people hurt you,you discover something about yourself as a result.Whether its being able to fight for yourself or become your real self.


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