Crop Craze – OOTD

Okay,so how many of you girls,are crazy for crop tops?

I know I am.

So,here’s an outfit inspired from two looks,including a little bit of my own creativity!

Last year,all the street markets in Delhi were filled with crop tops and palazzo pants.Till something really different caught my eye. Alia Bhatt wore a double layered blue pair,with the inside cropped till the thigh.She didn’t look as great as she usually does,however its ‘difference’ from the rest struck me.


And then,I came across Malika Arora Khan’s outfit,I was actually love struck!The way she put it together,  
   totally took my breath away!

malika crop

It was that very second I told myself,I’d recreate the look.

With my hunt for the eye-striped crop in Greater Kailash,I found the same piece in a different color.I saw it hanging up  and I was like “OH MY GOD,ITS EXACTLY THE SAME!” Without a second thought ,I purchased it instantly.WP_20150726_001

Unfortunately,it just hung up in my closet for months since I couldn’t find myself the ‘perfect’ palazzo pants.

One day,in the busy streets of Bandra,I found it.The palazzo pants with the same double layer,only this time the inner layer being longer,crossing the knees.Which personally, was a better option for me.Sold it was!

After pairing em together,I decided to add a bling to the outfit (If you haven’t noticed I’m blingy head to toe).I had this really old silver chunky belt lying around unused for 7 years! (I bought it when I was 15).And when I wore it,it just put the outfit together perfectly!


I added a silver bangle,that too from Bandra and a pair of chandelier earrings from Janpath.


And taddaaaaaaaa!





I finished the look with a pair of heels from Stepping’s,Lajpat Nagar.

Hope you guys liked it 🙂


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