Spike Addiction

The second I saw Lady Gaga wear spikey studs,I was in love!

The thought of wearing the most ‘sick’ leather jacket with intricate spike detailing is still a dream and I really hope someday I get my hands on such a marvelous piece.  Until then,let me get some ‘kaam chalao’ spikes that I can put on my favourite pieces of clothing!

Shall I?

Here’s what you’ll need :

1.A pointy spike with a hole at the top to thread through

.IMG-20150723-WA0008 - Copy

Mine I purchased from Chandni Chowk,10 pieces of golden spikes for a mere 50 bucks!I was amazed! I found it buying wedding outfits!It was like the voice of god! “You, my child was destined to find what you’ve been dreaming about for soo many years” 😀

Anyway,coming back to sane land,let me move ahead.

2.A piece of clothing you wish to stud.I don’t have picture of this netted tee as of now,but here’s one of me wearing it.


3.White thread.


4.A needle.


Here’s how I did it :

1.Place the spikes onto the area you’d like to add bling too,to get an idea of how many pieces you’ll need.


2.Thread you needle through the starting point and through the spike and back through the tee such the the thread is now on the inside.


IMG-20150723-WA0006 - Copy

3.Again,thread through the behind to the second position for the second spike and again out the backside.


4.Repeat this process till the last spike with the thread is facing the backside again.This is what the back  should look like.


5.In the end secure with multiple looping knots to prevent any spikes from falling out.

And you’re done!Super quick and easy!



I used 7 spikes on the tee and I made a pair of earnings out of two spikes so I could wear em together!


I hope I could help out some of you spike lovers out there!

Stay tuned for more ideas!


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